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Another Non-invasive BG Meter?

Stumbled across this yesterday. I'd heard rumours of this new non-invasive BG monitor a while back, but it looks like they are gradually creeping towards a finished product.

It's not a continuous monitor (so can't offer trend arrows on the device or any kind of automatic alerts) but *is* measuring blood glucose values so, perhaps, might be sufficient for DVLA. Measurements look to take 10s and are made by passing radio waves through thin areas of skin such as your ear lobe, or more likely that stretchy bit between your thumb and fingers.

Results are displayed on the device and can be blue-toothily uploaded via a smartphone/tablet app to a cloud-based software platform. The app promises to use the uploaded data "to calculate and forecast immediate trends in your blood glucose levels, allowing you to adjust your food or medication intake according to your activities or how you are feeling". Sounds promising, but a bit wishy-washy and vague in terms of what that might actually *mean*.

The non-invasive nature means, of course, that you could monitor your BG many more times a day without burning through strips. Ideal when waiting for BGs to come up (or start dropping) and allowing some of those 'sugar surfing' techniques (is it just me whose toes curl every time I hear that phrase?). Also pretty handy for testing on-the-go in situations where fiddling with strips and lancets is impossible, much like Abbott's Libre.

Currently in clinical trials and the website suggests it may be available for pre-order (whatever timescale that means!) at some point in 2016

Another to go on my long list of possible 'ones to watch'.

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Disclaimer. I have no relationship with the manufacturers of this device and I've not been paid to write this post or publicise the product in any way.

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