Posted by on Saturday 17 November 2012


One of my favourite diabetes-related hashtags of late has been the coining of #teamsmug (I'm not sure who came up with it, but I suspect it was either Dave or Paul). Part self-congratulation, part self-mockery, membership of #teamsmug can follow as little as a single unexpected good BG result after a tricky meal - even just waking up at a good level is enough. The shiny (and entirely imagined) #teamsmug baton is being passed around between Twitter users who know that a few good levels should be enjoyed, but can't necessarily be expected to last. Oddly enough, pretty much as soon as I had blood taken for my HbA1c I had an unusually prolonged #teamsmug period. Almost as if Artoo was responding to my previous grumpy post with, "Doubting my effectiveness are you... Well we'll see about that!"

It has been a hectic few weeks, and I really meant to post something about my HbA1c results before now. I was delighted (and slightly confused) to get a result of 46mmol/mol (6.4%), pretty much back to the last A1c I had pre pump, but with all the hypo reductions and general quality-of-life improvements that the pump has brought. It was a bit of a surprise to be honest. I'm not quite sure how I got that sort of result, as it certainly doesn't seem to fit with the weekly averages I'd been having in the weeks running up to my appointment. It just goes to underline the imperfect nature of HbA1c as a marker.

You'll be reassured to hear that my #teamsmug membership has been revoked since. Nice while it lasted, but the goalposts have moved again, and I'm still chasing after them with a few basal tests.