About this diabetes blog

Hello and welcome to 'Every day ups and downs'. Thoughts, comments, observations and questions of a family living with type 1 Diabetes in the UK.

I'm Mike and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1991 while studying for the final year of my Graphic Design course. I met and married Jane in 1994 and we have two wonderful kids. Early on 2010 we decided as a family to start write this Diabetes blog which would allow each of us to write about our own experience of living with the condition as a family. Tragically Jane died in 2018, and the kids have grown and flown (those early posts are still worth re-reading though!). You can see who was writing at the top of each post, but to be honest - these days it's mostly Mike.

Mostly I think we write for ourselves, to understand how we feel about diabetes a little better - but we also hope that by sharing our experiences we might encourage others living with or affected by diabetes themselves.

Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or say hello.

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Don't just blindly follow the blatherings of some random nutter on the internet.
It's very obvious, but it's probably worth mentioning again here that anything written here should not be considered any form of medical advice or recommendation. We have no medical or dietetic training, nor are we certified diabetes educators. Any links or quoted information are supplied in good faith but should not be relied upon. The blog is just the thoughts and observations of a family trying to fit Diabetes into a (relatively) normal life. If you have any medical questions about your own condition you should speak to your GP, Diabetes Specialist Nurse or Diabetes care team.

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