Diabetes Blogs worth reading

Here's a hopelessly incomplete list of Diabetes Blogs in the UK and elsewhere that we have come across and enjoy visiting from time to time. If I've missed yours, just drop me a line or tweet me at @everydayupsdwns :)

Other useful links and forums are listed in the 'Links' section in the sidebar. Links open in a new browser window.

UK Bloggers

Bob's Blog - Type 2
Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Circles of Blue
Diabetic Shambles - great blog for (and by) young people with T1D
Diabetes Geek - T1 Diabetes for the Brutally Honest
Diabetes UK blogs
Discombobulated Diabetic
Ditzy Diabetic
Fluffy and Type 1
From Pen to Pump
Growing up with T1D - the wonderful Lewis Sherwood
The Grumpy Pumper
The Healthy Diabetic - T1D, exercise and nutrition
Instructions not included
Insulin Independent
Life, Sport, Diabetes - Melanie Stephenson, international athlete living with T1
Miss Jen Grieves
Mrs Nichola D
My Bitter-sweet Life - Ellie Huckle
My Lazy Pancreas
Ninjabetic (Laura)
Of Highs and Hypos - HCP and Mum of child with T1
Organised Chaos
Our Diabetes blogs (by PWD, parents and HCPs)
Partha Kar - NHS Sugar Doc
Pumping Iron and Insulin
SD Listens
Shoot up or put up (no longer posting but archives *well* worth a browse)
So So Sweet
Steep Learning Curves
Sweetener and Spice
T1 Ramblings
The Tangerine Diabetic
Teaching, Training, Rebuking and Inspiring - Adrian Long
Teapot Diabetic
The Understudy Pancreas - Journey of a family imitating a pancreas
VeenyM - floating through life with type 1 diabetes
Vicki's Notebook
We Were Promised Hoverboards - Andy Broomhead

US Bloggers

Allison Nimlos - The blood sugar whisperer
Bitter Sweet Diabetes Blog
Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
D-Mom Blog
Life after Dx - Diabetes Uncensored (archive)
Me and D (archive)
Moments of Wonderful
My Diabetic Heart
Ninjabetic (George)
Our Diabetic Life
Rolling in the D (archive)
Scott's Diabetes Journal
Semi-sweet T1D
Six Until Me
Strangely Diabetic (archive)
Texting My Pancreas
Test, Guess and Go
The Diabetic's Corner Booth
The Fit Blog
The Girl with the Portable Pancreas
Very light, no sugar
With a side of insulin
You can do this (Video project)
Your Diabetes May Vary


1 Type 1
Bittersweet Diagnosis - Ashley Ng
Diabetes in Spain
Diabetogenic - Renza S
Living with Diabetes and Celiac Disease - Andrea L
Mum of Type 1
Twice Diabetes
Type 1 Writes
Type 2 Diabetes, A Personal Journey - Alan S (archive)

Other nice and/or interesting things

I absolutely *love* this animation, both the skill in the creation of it and also because some days you really need to hear its message: Diabetes Makes You Stronger