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D Art Day 2011 : The path of least resistance

September the 1st is Diabetes Art Day, the brainchild of blogger, art therapist and all round good egg Lee Ann Thill. It's an chance for the DOC to get creative and try to say something about living with diabetes in a slightly different way.

I really wasn't expecting to be able to take part, but while watching telly a couple of nights ago I began scribbling something that sort of represents how I've been feeling for a week or two, and so - here it is. As I said in my last post, my Annual Review is coming up, and I've finally decided (I think) that I'm going to ask about pump therapy.

You can probably sense my uncertainty about my decision in the drawing. Essentially I see two ways forward. One way ('Switch to Levemir') might offer a slight improvement to control with the inconvenience of an additional time-fixed basal dose every day. No problem most of the time, but on occasional nights out/parties/holiday travelling possibly slightly 'in the way'. I'd also have the hassle of sorting out my new basal pattern(s), of course. Lots of testing and tweaking for a good few months. So minor improvement, but still a bit of a faff.

The other way forward is to switch to pump therapy. A full explanation of what I'm feeling about this, or expecting from will have to wait until later, but in summary: potentially major benefits, but much more of a faff.

All you dear pumping friends who have been telling me for the past few years how great pumping is and how you'd never go back despite its shortcomings have got me to a point where I at least feel I need to ask the question. You never know they may just say I'm not eligible for funding (HbA1c too good, hypos not bad enough, wrong hat size, moon in jupiter...).

But at least I'm going to ask.

There is a bright light ahead, but I'm feeling a bit lost about it and I don't know (can't know at this point) which the 'best' way forward is. 'The path of least resistance' is to go back the way I came and choose nothing. But I'd rather walk towards the light.

Update: Reviewing my review


  1. wow. just wow. mike, that is BEAUTIFUL!

    and you're right, it doesn't hurt to ask about pumping. and even if they approve it, that still doesn't mean you have to chose it.

    whatever path you decide to take, we're with you. thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful picture! :)

  2. Thanks Jess. Knowing there is so much support out there is a great feeling.

    Will you be posting anything today?

  3. woah, really powerful image there. you put the ART into D-Art Day! Thank you for sharing. And best of luck on whichever path you choose!

  4. Wow Mike this is beautiful! The very best of luck with whatever you decide :)

  5. We've discussed your options elsewhere and I'm late to this, but you definitely have talent!