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My last week of FREEDOM!

Yup, its me again! And this time you might actually want to read what I am saying because it is quite interesting. Then again, maybe its not. The summer holidays have been brilliant this year, and I am making the most of my last week of freedom before I'm back to a new term of homework and hassles. Great. Year seven was an interesting year but not one I would want to do again, and I expect that's what I'll say after year eight. Dad's levels have been much better recently, and although they are often ludicrously high, they are better. My most recent craze has been baking, and thats a bit of a problem if you live with a diabetic. Here is the problem in the form of a sum:

Baking sugary treats = Temptation (+ Diabetic Dad + expectant child = giving in to temptation) = bonkerz sugar-levels


Oh well. Any way, pushing that aside, what I was going to talk about before I got side tracked with the baking craze crisis was my best friend's problems linked with mine. Every where I go I appear to be a disaster magnet, or that's what it feels like anyway. My best friend has been struggling through the last six months, and the school have been pretty useless at doing anything to help so it has only been me as support for her as no one else knows, cares or understands fully the situation she is in. This links in with Dad because it means that I am really feeling the pressure at school and not quite being able to relax at home because of Dad. As I get older I feel more and more responsible for making sure Dad is ok and is jabbing at the right time etc. so my troubles certainly don't stop at home. It doesn't help that my body is raging with hormones! I am a teenager in distress! And although the holidays have been a bit of a break, and Dad's getting better and my Best Friend is pulling through, neither of them are completely better and my thin layer of calmness is all going to fall to pieces when school starts again. Honestly, school is a menace to society. Life certainly isn't a breeze.


PS found out what diabetes is. It's a pain in the neck. Not literally though.

PPS My new favourite saying is 'success, is failure after failure without loss of enthusiasm'! Brilliant!

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