Posted by on Tuesday 6 September 2011

Reviewing my review

So today was the day. My long awaited (and only slightly delayed) annual review. As far as I can tell most, possibly all of the old clinicians have left the hospital I attend, so there were new faces to meet. 

It was great. My appointment started promptly and my discussions with Dr S were unhurried and thorough. A little too thorough, perhaps. Apologies if you were after me, I think I stayed and chatted for a bit longer than I usually would. 'Smile and nod' this wasn't. It felt more like a fruitful exchange of information. And if Dr S was bored senseless and wished I would get lost, she certainly gave nothing away. 

I was pleased to learn that my HbA1c had dropped from 7.1% to 6.3% (45mmol/mol in new money). Dr S pointed out that that was the sort of level at which they get begin to get concerned about the number of hypos that might be involved, but thankfully I'd taken a sheaf of printouts showing that I'm having far fewer these days. Other results showed an unexpected drop in cholesterol to 4.7 (with an improvement in the lipid panel split of 2.1 HDL, 2.3 LDL and 0.7 Trigs - yes I realise that doesn't add up, calculated values sometimes don't it seems). Blood pressure, while occasionally higher than ideal, is generally low enough at either end of the day to pass muster. 

I should take this opportunity to thank the Diabetes Online Community for their amazing support and encouragement over the last year or two. Forums, blog posts and comments left here have had a major impact on the way I am able to manage my diabetes. Things that I had thought impossibly illogical for years have been made much clearer. You guys rock!

And as for the *big question*? Well as I talked through pretty much all the issues I still have with Dr S, we agreed that all of them would be easier to handle on a pump. I have booked an appointment with a DSN to talk pumps, Levemir and other options. 

Watch this space. 


  1. Congratulations again on the brilliant results Mike!
    Looking forward to reading more about the big decision :)

  2. If you're thinking pump as a possible option, then maybe it's time to ask the same question at this end. Big congrats on the results. Maintenance is easier than change. So welcome to the sub-7 club ! :o)


  3. wow, congrats on the a1c! that's amazing!!!! :)

    glad your appointment went well! keep us posted!

  4. Thanks everyone. My A1c improvement is, of course, entirely D-OC powered. If it was not for the suggestions, support and encouragement of you guys I would still be bumbling along like I had been. Next time you look in the mirror, give yourselves a big grin. You've earned it.

  5. Fantastic A1c and other test results Mike.
    Sounds like it was worth the trip.

    Any idea of which pumps are available to you? And also how does the family feel about the potential change? After a few of combined visits to the DSN Mrs S has bought into the concept now and accepts it's the right decision to make, but only if I'm happy with it.

  6. Thanks Dave. I did tentatively ask whether the hospital were tied to one manufacturer, but it doesn't seem so at the moment. I'm not even sure whether it will be an option to be honest - that's partly what the appointment in a couple of weeks is to discuss. The kids haven't expressend an opinion, but Jane's opinion is very like Mrs S's. Aware of my lingering aversion, but also of the 'promise' and of the 'you'll never know if you don't try' nature of the change.

  7. All of them, and more, will be easier on the pump :)

    Congrats again on the A1c, that is utterly brilliant. Great when hard work pays off.

    Looking forward to hearing about your appointment with DSN.

  8. Congrats Mike.. That is a real top effort, well done!

    It seems that there is a hint of a team down at the bri, which is a plus and all remains is to truly discuss what is right for you with Lis.

    Until then MDI rocks! ;-)

  9. My HBA1C was up to 10 again. Not much wonder i'm blind! but qualified with my guide dog now & have been getting more exercise which is helping, waiting to hear from my diabetes nurse about DAFNE course too. Well done Mike on your results. I'm not sure about the pump, if they have an audio one which can speak info that be great but i'm sure going to look into it more. My doc told me he didn't know enough about them but that was a few years ago so hoping he's up to date now.