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64 Days with the Medtronic 640G: Ep 1 Introduction. Comparing the MM640G with Paradigm Veo

Following on from my early preview of the MiniMed 640G insulin pump, I have been invited by the fine folks at Medtronic to spend 64 days with their new box of tricks, and to share my experiences through the slightly scary and unfamiliar medium of video blogging.

It's what all the cool kids are up to (apparently).

For this first installment I have tried to do a little compare and contrast between the Medtronic Veo and the new MiniMed 640G. Just a few things that have struck me during my first couple of weeks of use really. I'm not yet going to mention Smartguard and compare that feature to the Veo's Low Glucose Suspend, partly because I think that Smartguard deserves a vlog all of its own, but mostly because I have never used sensors with my Veo so have nothing to usefully compare.

I am hoping to post a video every week or so over the 64 day period, but I have quickly come to realise that this video blogging lark is nothing like as easy as everyone makes it look, so you may have to bear with me on timings. I'll announce any new episodes here and on Twitter, naturally, but if you are really keen I suppose you could always subscribe to what is now laughably described as my YouTube Channel.

In the meantime you can find some more, rather more coherent information on the MiniMed 640G here.

And please do check out the video blogs of other MM640G users too.

Leave any comments or questions here or on YouTube and I'll do my best to answer them.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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