Posted by on Friday 12 March 2010

Thankyou for the feedback

It is great to get some feedback, thankyou for your comments, it has spurred me on to keep writing. I'm relieved to know that it IS this hard to keep those blood sugar levels even, and it's not just us being a bit rubbish at it! However long you live with it, however hard you try, I don't think you ever really believe you are doing it right; a belief encouraged by Doctors, who look shocked when you tell them how often your sugars go low, and say things like "Gosh, that shouldn't happen." (I witnessed this on our recent visit to casualty, I suspect Mike is more used to it.) Mike stays calm, he accepts the statement, takes it on board, vows to try harder. I wanted to jump up and down, stamp my foot and shout "You haven't got the first idea of what this is like to live with!"

I didn't.

I didn't because he was a nice man and he was there to help; but this isn't an exam you're ever going to get 100% in. It is science for which we do not know all the answers, I never did like biology. So many factors to take into account; we have only recently realised that after a prolongued period of exercise, a particularly active weekend, Mike's metabolic rate seems to change for up to a week; not to mention the havoc stress can play; and lack of sleep, or was that just me...



  1. Just been reading through your blog, am very impressed! its a great read.

    Anyone else find that they are 'The Worlds Best Diabetic' the few days before/after a meeting with a Diabetic Nurse!?

    Another note - get on an Insulin Pump, it really has helped, ive had mine since December, and i dont think i'd ever go back to injections!

    Paul C

  2. Hi Paul

    Ha, yes... either 'World's Best' or 'World's Worst', but rarely if ever just normal. Might just be because I'm taking more notice, but I always feel my control goes a bit haywire before every HBA1c :)

    Hmmmm yes, pumps. The subject came up a few times as an option several years ago when I was being seen by a consultant at the hospital, but I still remain slightly 'pump averse'. Perhaps I should post something about it and see what comments arise.