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I don't think getting a new bike has ever been so scary!

Dear Reader,

Last summer Ellen and I both needed a new bike. First we went to 'Go Outdoors' where Ellen saw a bike she really fancied, I didn't however so we went to 'Halfords'. There was a bike there that I really liked but they only had one in stock and it was broken.

The next day Dad and I went to the bigger 'Halfords' that the man had told us about. They had the right bike so we went to the counter and bought it. Whilst the man was getting the bike out, Dad started pouring little sachets of sugar into his mouth. This scared me because I knew he wasn't supposed to do this, I don't think I would have worried about it if Mum was there because she would have probably known if he was low or not. I didn't really know what to do, I knew I wanted him to stop, but if he was low he would need the sugar, I wasn't sure how to ask him. Because I thought he was low, I didn't trust him to give me truthful answer about what he was doing, since when he's low in the mornings if you ask him if he's low he sometimes denies it. As it turns out, he was not low, just trying to make sure that he wouldn't be low when he was driving me home.

For this reason I would like to know more about diabetes and how you can tell if someone is low and how to deal with it.


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