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64 Days with the Medtronic 640G: Ep 5 Changing Infusion Set

I don't know... You wait weeks and there are no turgid video blog posts from me that you need to avoid, and then suddenly two come along within the space of a week.

For this latest episode as part of my 64 days with the MiniMed 640G, I thought I would run through the process of changing infusion set including a walkthrough of the MM640G pump screens. Don't be put off by the hefty 17 minute running time - it's a LOT quicker to do when you aren't waffling on and explaining things as you go.

For what they are worth, I've included some of the little hints and tips I've picked up over the last few years which seem to reduce the number of bubbles I get in the reservior/tubing (everyone's second favourite insulin pump nuisance). This isn't advice you understand, and check with your healthcare providers blah blah blah, but personally I seem to get very few problems with bubbles these days and if any of it gives you some ideas to experiment with for your own set changes then great (but on your own head be it).

The only thing I did not explain very clearly in the video is the importance of using room-temperature insulin. Bizzarely, oxygen is more soluble in colder liquids, so if you fill perfectly and bubble-free with insulin straight from the fridge you can find that you get bubbles emerging from the insulin inside the sealed reservior, after filling, as the insulin warms up. Not helpful.

Anyhow - here it is. Enjoy. And do leave any comments, questions or set-changing tips of your own for me below.

Thanks for watching!

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For an alternative video detailing a set change using Medtronic QuickSets check out this great post by Dave Sowerby.

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