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New year. New challenges.

Happy New Year all of you. Trust you had a suitable treat-filled festive break and hope that your levels played nicely if you are also one of those people who 'enjoys' a little pancreas-impersonation on the side.

In an unexpected (and possibly quite unwise) move I have decided to take on a little new year challenge and will be running the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd March 2013. I blame the decision on a good natured after-dinner family conversation fuelled by the dangerous combination of optimism and red wine.

I've always quite liked Marathons. Particularly pre-diagnosis. Which is lucky really, because by the time I got diagnosed they had made that fateful name-change decision, which completely ruins this gag.

On the other hand I've never run any kind of real distance. Ever. I've been going to the gym semi-regularly for a few years, so at least I'm not starting from absolute potato, but I am still quite daunted by the prospect. Fortunately a keen distance-running forum friend has been on hand to offer tips, advice and even a detailed eight week training programme.

Day 1 was today. Thankfully the instruction was to run '30 minutes at easy pace'. The rest of the week looks a little more challenging. I'm not even going to look at next week - I suspect it mentions hills.

I am very grateful to Diabetes UK for the offer of a place at the 'Bath Half', and have committed to raising a minimum of £250 for their worthy cause.

If anyone would like to support my endeavours you can make a donation safely and instantly online via JustGiving here: And the great news is that all your money will go to the charity and that DUK can reclaim tax to make your money go further.

If you live near Bath feel free to pop down and laugh at me on the Sunday. I'll be the sweaty one at the back, breathing hard and clutching fruit pastilles.

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