Posted by on Monday 1 October 2012

No D Day : True colours

Today has been declared 'No D Day' by the original Diabetes Ninja, George Simmons. It's a chance... actually it's a downright order *not* to blog about anything diabetes-related today. To write something else. To share something about who we are and what we like to do. There's more to each of us than just a broken pancreas, pitted fingertips and endless mealtime shenanigans right?

I've read some great posts today so thanks to everyone who has shown me more of who they really are.

Last year I mentioned that I like watching films. This year, well... I've started painting again. I used to paint years ago, but when the kids came along things got busy and it just sort of slipped by the wayside. Last year I was experimenting with a spray-stencil for a poster I was doing and had so much fun that I later experimented with using spray-stencil and watercolour together to make an image. I quite liked the feeling of not entirely being in control of the outcome (*struggles to resist drawing a d-related comparison*).

If you'd like to see what they look like you can find some examples under 'paintings' here:


  1. Wow! Love the art! You are amazing!

  2. Thanks you guys :) Much appreciated.

  3. I walked under those cranes yesterday!

  4. Sorry I'm just noticing this now (holding my hands up to being a bad DOC member).

    This is seriously cool - love the art.

    And another thing we have in common - I love painting too. Sadly haven't done any art for nearly 3 years since I moved into our miniscule flat where we have no room for anything! I swear I'll pick it up again someday.