Posted by on Thursday 14 June 2012

Are you 'Type 1 Aware'?

As part of Diabetes Week in the UK, D charity heavyweights Diabetes UK and JDRF have launched a brilliant video which asks the question 'Are you Type 1 Aware'? It focusses mainly on those who develop type 1 diabetes in childhood and clearly explains the very obvious symptoms which are all too easy to ignore and/or be dismissed by busy GPs as parent paranoia. Having been diagnosed in early adult hood I know myself that it was several months of feeling really rotten before I finally decided I should go and get myself checked out by a GP.

Alarmingly some of the parents in the video share how close to death their children were before they were finally properly diagnosed.

Please share this video with your family, friends, parents, teachers and anyone you know who works with children or young people. You could save a life.

Watch the video on You Tube:

More information on the symptoms of type 1 diabetes:


  1. Hi - my daughter is in the film ... thanks for sharing ..Ella- Mae was not expected to last the night when she was diagnosed ..Her hospital chart read blood sugars and ketones "incompatible with life "

    Type 1 seems like nothing to most of the public ... but it can be a killer....
    Thanks for helping share awareness :) Best of health to you and yours

  2. It's a great video and deserves to be seen by a load of people. Slight shame they didn't mention that T1D can arrive at any age (I'm in contact with several folks diagnosed in their 50's), but I understand why they didn't.

    Heartbreaking to hear of any child having to live with D. It was hard enough to come to terms with at 21. Hats off to you and Ella-Mae. May your A1c's always be rosy and D-nasties never threaten to darken your door.