Posted by on Friday 13 May 2011

DBlog Week Day 5 : Ordinary Awesomeness

Topic: What awesome things have you done because of your diabetes?

Since I signed up to take part in DBlog week I've struggled to think of anything I could post today. And I'm not just talking about struggling to post because of Blogger's technical meltdown yesterday... For starters, can a person at my age and living the UK ever really get away with using the word 'awesome'

Unfortunately I have no acts of supreme courage in the face of extreme adversity to relate. I have not raised thousands for charity by trekking across the Andes on a pogo stick. There are no mighty campaigns of Government-steering advocacy to astound you with. And while there are many things in my life of which I am very proud - my beautiful wife, wonderful children, shelves in our lovely home that are put up almost level - I'm not sure that I think any of them happen 'because' of my diabetes. 

I've read some great posts already today about the genuine awesomeness of the people you meet in the DOC (diabetes online community). The support, wit and wisdom available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that is truly amazing. 

By contrast, this will probably seem quite small. Ordinary even. Something like 20 years ago my pancreas more or less threw in the towel. Ever since then, every day, I (like many of you) have learned to 'be' my own pancreas. Sometimes I seem to make a pretty good job of it, other times I make a complete mess of things. Some days it feels easy, other days the task seems an impossible weight to carry.

There are no other diabetics in my family. If I'd been diagnosed 100 years earlier I might well have died within months.  

But I'm still here. 

And I guess that in itself is pretty awesome. 


  1. this :)

    though trecking through the Andes on a pogo stick would be pretty cool. I think we should try it!

  2. great post! still being here is, indeed, awesome! :)

  3. Great post... love first of all that used the word "awesome," even being from the UK. But you are awesome, my friend. Despite not trekking across the Andes on a pogo stick - which would be AWESOME - the fact that you are who you are is awesome. OK, I'm gonna stop using that word now.

  4. Still being here is a GREAT accomplishment! And being part of Dblogweek is a big one too :)

  5. Being a pancreas is a VERY awesome thing! I also think simply sharing your story here on your blog is pretty awesome too!