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It's school tomorrow so this sudden splurt of blogging is going to stop and a whole load more homework is bound to be rolling in. Oddly enough having a diabetic dad can actually effect my homework. Ish. The other day I was doing some I.T. homework (not for very long admittedly), when I realised I had been working on the file still attached to the email. Oops. So when I discovered this and saved it onto my account the work I had just been doing disappeared. I called Dad to come and help me, but he was all over the place with his levels and consequently very grumpy. This meant when he was trying (and failing) to find my missing homework, he got a bit frustrated. He started hammering at the keyboard and snapping at me. It was quite scary actually. I sort of wanted to get Mum but I was kind of scared Dad would smash my laptop up. Eventually he gave up and I ended up redoing that bit of the homework. Never mind.


I don't actually understand what diabetes is. Dad tries to explain it, but ends up using confusing words like glucose etc. I always nod and pretend I understand when really what I'm thinking is 'I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about'. Why can't he just say 'I don't have the right stuff in my blood and this stuff substitues it' or something. Adults, honestly. 

I am now on a mission to discover what on earth diabetes is.


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  1. Editor's note: I'm sure I didn't go that crazy! Hard to remember sometimes how scary adult behaviour can seem. I'll try harder to stay calm next time, but you know, looking for files on a Windows machine is enough to drive anyone nuts :)