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First blog in a while

I haven't blogged for a long time. I started secondary school last September and I have been seriosly overloaded with homework. The blog is a way to relax. Since school started in September, things have got a whole lot better. Dad has got lots more gadgety stuff and it seems to be helping. He has set up a graph on his i-pod and it always makes me laugh when he admits that he hasn't put todays readings on if they're really bad. He likes to keep it neat. Living with diabetes is something you get used to. At school, people say they feel sorry for me, and when I say its really not that bad, they look at me pityingly. Actually its quite annoying. Sometimes I even forget he has it, but then he'll come down stairs and start eating chocolate or have some lucozade and, well, you don't forget for long.

I think that if my dad didn't have diabetes, I would be a completely different person. Somehow less aware. Less mature almost. My best friend, has a brother who is autistic. She knows how it feels to have someone in your family who is different. She understands how little and how much at the same time it can affect you. It is nice to know someone understands your feelings.


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