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Diabetic friendly

Following my previous rant about the overpriced nonsense that is 'diabetic foods' I thought I'd better redress the balance with a little mention of one of our lucky finds.

I've always loved toast. It's been an integral part of my physiological and emotional wellbeing for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up my mum always made homemade jam and I was delighted to find, after diagnosis that this far superior option typically had around half the sugar in it than the supermarket variety. I am now the official jam maker in our house and have found that you can get away with very little added sugar and still make a cracking fruit-filled supertasty preserve.

Sadly though, there are long periods in the year when our own stocks have run out and we are forced to go shop-bought.

Enter Fraser Doherty, a Scottish teenager who has developed a brilliant range of jams made with no added sugar at all. None! Not only that but the little pots they come in have beautifully designed labels (in our house this has a massive effect on the buying decision of albums, books, wines, well pretty much anything really).

Next time you're at the supermarket treat yourself to a pot. Your toast will love you for it.

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