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Early days

We love our food, Mike and I. Meals have always played a big part in our relationship. When we first met, I saw Mike's diabetes as a challenge, and there's nothing I like better than a good challenge. I would send Mike invitations from mystery women, Conchita for instance, who was going to provide for him a Mexican feast! I altered recipes, calculated carbs and created a variety of menus from around the world, each with low fat, high fibre ingredients and exactly the right amount of carbohydrate for Mike to inject his regular dose of insulin and stay on an even keel. I would dress up and speak in an appropriately silly accent for at least the first half hour of the meal. When I think back, it's a wonder he didn't run away screaming, but he didn't, and that I suppose is the secret of our success. It's all a bit of a laugh, and we do laugh. A lot.

Those early meals provided invaluable training. I learnt a lot, very quickly, and it really helped that Mike loved to cook and was good at it. We cooked together as a team. We've always been a pretty good team.

These days I do all the cooking, as is often the way when you have a family. We have divided a lot of jobs, as a necessity. I'm less strict with ingredients and measuring and I can see I'm going to have to really tighten up. My priorities have changed, and the importance of having family meals we all enjoy, even the fussy eaters among us, has overshadowed Mike's needs over the past few years. It's challenge time again and thankfully I'm still up for a good challenge. I reckon with a bit of careful planning and a lot of cooperation (kids!) I can probably please everyone.


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